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Assessment? Or worse an audit – coming up, just had one or expect one soon?

Are you ready?  If not, you are risking poor outcomes that can have real financial implications as well as negative impact to your brand or even jeopardize a contract due to either contractual requirements or loss of a certification.


Poor outcomes = poor business

3Comply is ready to assist you, wherever you may be in the audit cycle


1. Prepare

2. Be Audited

3. Respond

4. Report

5. Mitigate

6. Track & Monitor

7. Complete

“Audit” is one of those words that strikes fear into many people in any size organization. There are so many drivers of audits or assessments in a global workplace that it is getting harder to be prepared for everything. Generally, an assessment is not as formal as an audit and does not carry as much of a potential for punitive outcomes as does an audit.  Either one requires a steady approach.

3Comply has a team of experienced compliance and privacy professionals, some have specific IT credentials as well.  Depending on what is being audited and why (contract compliance, regulatory compliance, financial, post-incident, request from a client or senior leadership, certification continuation or attainment), being prepared and knowing what to expect are critical. The 3Comply team can prepare your team in many ways:

  • ​​Conduct a pre-assessment

  • Work with your team to review the requirements and identify evidence of compliance

  • Train your team in what and how to respond

  • Establish a response team for you (training may be required here too)

  • Develop an appropriate response to findings

  • Assist in managing the mitigations and reporting to management or as per the response

  • Assist in ensuring items are completed as promised

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