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Where we started…Why we’re here.

From the vast realms of IT Risk, Security, Compliance, and Regulatory sectors, two trailblazers, Bill and Janet, emerged.

Their rich experience garnered from Fortune 100 companies and BT (British Telecom), one of the world's largest managed service providers, fueled the founding of 3Comply. They transformed compliance from a mere requirement into a competitive advantage, making it accessible to smaller businesses.
The birth of 3Comply is a testament to their vision: democratizing compliance to empower all businesses, regardless of size, towards success.

Founder 1


Managing Director and Co-founder

  • Fortune 100 compliance expert

  • Extensive IT Management experience as a Compliance officer at BT Global Services, managing compliance and security implementations for global teams in the pharmaceutical sector, manufacturing, and consumer goods industries.

  • Certified CIPM and CIPP/US, fluent in Spanish, and a CMMC Registered Provider (RP) and Registered Provider Advanced (RPA).

  • LinkedIn

Bill co-founded 3Comply to bring Fortune 100 compliance knowledge and skill to small and moderate-size businesses. He has extensive IT Management experience designing and implementing processes that maximize available resources and deliver top performance. Bill spent 12 years as a Compliance officer at BT Global Services, working in the highly demanding pharmaceutical sector and managing compliance for global teams overseeing compliance and security implementations. He developed a talent for speaking about compliance and technology and helped both teams better understand each other. Later he designed, from the ground up, the NIST 800-53 / FISMA Moderate System Security program for a client to qualify for a $1.5 B contract through an Authorization to Operate. Before BT, Bill designed ITIL-based Change Management processes to support development and operations activities. He also speaks fluent Spanish and is certified as a CISM and CIPP/US. Additionally, he is a CMMC Registered Provider (RP) and Registered Provider Advanced (RPA)

Founder 2


Managing Director and Co-founder

  • CCEP, CIPP (US and Europe), CMMC RP, and RPA certified

  • Experienced Chief Compliance Officer at BT Global Services

  • Led global teams for Security, Risk and Compliance Centre of Excellence (SRC)

  • Healthcare consulting, HIPAA deployment, Medicare fraud investigation, and physician billing and practice management expert

  • LinkedIn

Janet Himmelreich is a Managing Director,CCEP, CIPP, US, Europe, CMMC RP, RPA Prior to 3Comply, she started as Chief Compliance Officer at BT Global Services for a large US based Pharmaceutical contract (globally employed > 400 BT staff); followed by establishing the Security, Risk and Compliance Centre of Excellence (SRC) and as Head, developed the programs and directed a global team of 4 Directors, 10 Compliance Officers, 7 Security Officers and ~ 20 other staff members performing compliance and security activities. The demanding customers in Pharma, Finance and Banking, Oil and Gas, Consumer Product Goods, Medical Device and Manufacturing companies had global annual turnover of $9B highly dependent on our compliance and security services While at BT she also established the initial framework for SOC 2 compliance, organized a Federal contractor’s QMS and defined FedRAMP and HIPAA compliance requirements with BTGS’ legal team. Prior to BT, she was Sr. Vice President and COO, CHC Healthcare Solutions, a healthcare consulting firm that deployed HIPAA from 1998 – 2001; investigated Medicare fraud with Health and Human Services OIG under the False Claims Act (FCA) and was a frequent litigation support consultant previously having established and run a physician billing and practice management company specializing in hospital-based physicians.

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